• 14 November 2022

Basin-specific scoping workshops summarized in new booklet


The booklet containing the preliminary findings from the four basin-specific workshops organized by the Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise in spring 2022 was launched at the Sea Level Rise Conference 2022, held in Venice on 17-18 October. The booklet is now available to consult online.

The basin-specific workshops were an integral part of a two-year long scoping process carried out by the Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise to identify and target the needs and involvement of policy makers, coastal planners and stakeholders at large. The findings from the workshops would serve to inform and co-design the key topics to be addressed by the Knowledge Hub at the Sea Level Rise Conference 2022, as well as in the Knowledge Hub’s first assessment report. The report will be the key product of the Knowledge Hub, realizing its ambition to provide easy access to regularly updated and usable knowledge on regional-local sea level change for each basin in Europe.

The four workshops focused on 6 pan-European basins, as listed below, and were divided into three sections addressing 1) SLR physical science and data; 2) SLR hazards and impacts 3) SLR adaptation policies and decision making.

  • North Sea and Arctic basins, 21-22 March 2022, organized by Gundula Winter (Deltares NL), Antonio Bonaduce (NERSC) and Bart van den Hurk (Deltares NL)
  • Eastern Atlantic basin, 28-29 April 2022, organized by Natalia Vazquez Riveiros (IFREMER)
  • Black Sea and Mediterranean basins, 5-6 May 2022, organized by José Jimenez (UPC), Giulia Galluccio (CMCC) and Nadia Pinardi (UniBo)
  • Baltic Sea, 9-10 May 2022, organized by Markus Meier (IOW) and Bernd Brügge (BSH)

The main findings from the workshops are now available to consult online.


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